Happiness At Work

During my recent business trip, I had an interesting conversation with a new friend, Dr Masou, a university professor from France. She asked, “What do you do ?” This question is often thrown at me whenever I meet new friends. This time, I thought of being a little ‘out of the box’ and so I politely answered with a smile, “helping people to find happiness at work”. And I found grins in her eyes.

According to a research conducted by Curtin University Australia in 2017 < Happy workers : How satisfied are Australians at work >, an average Australian man can expect to spend half of their waking lives at a paying job and an average Australian woman about 38%. Given this significant time spent at work, it is only meaningful to have a happy work life, amidst many facets of life, which ultimately contributes to a satisfying life as a whole. 

The enormous benefits of a happy workforce are beyond debate : higher productivity, greater innovation, progressive community, and the list goes on.

While organisations at the macro level may implement various business strategies to enhance employee engagement thus achieve a higher level of happiness at work, on a personal level, there are many little steps each individual employee may take to contribute to the same purpose.

Among others, here is what I would like to share :

1.     Show appreciation no matter how trivial you may think.

2.     See the perspective of others. Learn to listen and slow to judge.

3.     Help others grow. It is more blessed to give than to receive. 

4.     Be sincere. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

5.     Less complain, more problem-solving. Complaint is self-limiting; Problem solving is expansive, inclusive and constructive.

6.     Love what you do. It’s contagious and a powerful virtue.

Regardless our role in the organisations, let’s do ourselves and our fellow colleagues a great service by offering genuine help, care and encouragement, in a small or big way, to make each other’s life better at work.      

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Lydia is a HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in HR Consulting, Recruiting and Career Development. She has gained much valuable experience in corporate restructuring, career transitioning and professional development. 

Lydia appreciates the challenges of building a rewarding career and business success, and most happy sharing her insights, experience and know-how, guiding individuals and providing organisations with professional, practical and personalised solutions.

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