Life’s Choices

People change with time, so do their aspirations.

Half of the year has quickly gone passed, some of us may reflect upon our New Year Resolutions made in the beginning of the year. Whatever the self-reflection is, we are making life’s choices each day for the betterment of our future. Here I’m sharing some encouraging points for all of us.

Where you end up in life is not determined by where you start. It’s what you choose to do with the seconds you have, it’s what you choose to do with your potential. You can choose to make a difference …about Your Choices and Your Commitment to those Choices. Your choice will make or break you

  • Be kind to everyone. Even the ones that don’t deserve it
  • Smile at challenges. There’s a divine gift hidden in them
  • Embrace change. Resisting it will only lead to frustration
  • Always take responsibility. When you blame, you give your power away
  • Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, nobody else will
  • Strive everyday to become just a little bit better. Soon you will be a master at what you do
  • Don’t let anybody steal your dreams. They are your greatest assets
  • Be part of the solution, not the problem. The bigger problems you are willing to solve the bigger rewards you will get
  • Open your heart to strangers. They are just friends you haven’t met yet
  • Do what you fear and you will overcome it
  • Choose to make a difference. Most people just choose to stay alive
  • Don’t let yourself be influenced by negativity
  • Constantly seek advice from people that have more experience knowledge and success than you do. It will speed up your journey to success tremendously
  • Don’t focus on the past. It doesn’t equal your future
  • Always Always Always keep your word
  • Complain less and take more action
  • Don’t accept mediocrity choose excellence
  • Forgive and let go. It will liberate enormous amounts of energy and creativity
  • Stand up for yourself and your beliefs
  • Hug someone everyday

 It’s Your Choice.  

© Lydia Lily 2019

Lydia is a HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in HR Consulting, Recruiting and Career Development. She has gained much valuable experience in corporate restructuring, career transitioning and professional development. 

Lydia appreciates the challenges of building a rewarding career and business success, and most happy sharing her insights, experience and know-how, guiding individuals and providing organisations with professional, practical and personalised solutions.

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