It’s not what you’re looking at but rather from where you’re looking.

Perspective plays a powerful role in how you experience life.

What do you see when you look ?

When was the last time you took a moment to reflect on your life experience ? appreciate where you were at and still have the hope for a better tomorrow? say a word of affirmation to yourself while you were facing the enormous critics as if you were so much alone in the wilderness?

A friend recently shared with me these beautiful words “Live Life with Passion and Energy”.

It couldn’t be more helpful at the time when I needed this refreshing understanding the most that life comes just once, make it shine and live life as fulfilling and meaningful as it can be. Inevitably, all of us deal with challenges, struggles and regrets at some point of our life journey.

I had not said enough how much I love the person till I lost sight of him, I had not laughed freely during those moments I should have just let go and be myself, I had not cried hard and be truly seen my authentic self when I was deep in the thick of confusions. Indeed, all of us have been through so much in life yet there is always tomorrow. These life lessons should not in a slight chance hinder us from believing in yourself, doing what is right, living your passions. Rather, we press on, set on the right path, awake the hero in ourselves and live life wholeheartedly. Again, wholeheartedly.

In whatsoever circumstances you are in, when you wake up the next morning, there are countless opportunities and blessings lie ahead.

  • You breathe the fresh morning air and smell the little daisies as you stroll along the nature strip
  • You give a warm hug to those people close to your heart and know that you are loving and be loved
  • You have a second chance to make good of the mistakes of yesterday
  • You stretch your emotional muscles to be stronger and wiser
  • You share your stories to inspire, encourage and support one another
  • You allow space to nurture your inner child growing to be a better person

And much more…

To all my dear friends, it is only my sincere prayer that we find our inner peace and joy, explore the world through the lens of hope, see others with their good, and most of all – live life wholeheartedly. 

© Lydia Lily 2019

Lydia is a HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in HR Consulting, Recruiting and Career Development. She has gained much valuable experience in corporate restructuring, career transitioning and professional development. 

Lydia appreciates the challenges of building a rewarding career and business success, and most happy sharing her insights, experience and know-how, guiding individuals and providing organisations with professional, practical and personalised solutions.

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