Job Ready Program

Do you have a job search strategy?

Do you need connection with recruiters who genuinely help?

Do you have a targeted resume / cover letter / key selection criteria to get that job?

Do you know what the recruiter wants to know from your Resume / Cover Letter?

Do you know what it takes to ace that interview?

Our Job Ready Program helps you put your best foot forward by positioning you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by a prospective employer.

Our experienced Career Coaches has a strong knowledge of the job market and will provide professional and practical guidance to you.

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Job Ready Program

How It Works

Step 1 – Online Submission of a Questionnaire and Your Resume / Cover Letter / Key Selection Criteria

You will need to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire helps you to identify your career goals and what you need to do in achieving it.

Step 2 –  In-Person Consultation

We will analyse your documents, identify your job search strategy, connect you with recruiters for real job opportunities. guide you on preparation of the targeted resume, cover letter and/or key selection criteria, analyse the job requirements and prepare for the tentative interview questions including behavioural questions, help you build a successful body image and body language.

Step 3 – Regular Support and Review

We will review your progress, advise options to overcome obstacles and how to moving forward.

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