Business Coaching

Are you aspired to start-up your business?

Desire to grow your business to the next level?

Seek untapped potentials in your business?

Our Business Coach can help you getting ready for business with business planning, strategies for growth, seek untapped potentials in your business – with a systematic and proven approach. We specialise in SMEs.

It is tailored to prioritise your goals and help you crystalize your business planning, enhance your business performance and achieve your business goals.

Our experienced Business Coaches have vast experience in business solutions and will provide professional and practical guidance to you how to :

  • Devise a Business Plan to drive your business and profitability
  • Identify a marketing strategy that works for your unique business plan
  • Build your network to uncover more business opportunities

How It Works

Step 1 – Preliminary Discovery Session

Every business is unique and so are you. Our Business Coaching Program delivers a mutual trust and respectful relationship with you.  The preliminary discovery session helps to identify the” why” that drives your decisions.

Step 2 – In-Person Consultation

Our Business Coach will analyse your business needs, success and challenges, threats and opportunities. The focus is to provide insights and clarity, implement strategy and goal-setting.

Step 3 – Regular Support and Review

We will review your progress, advise options to overcome obstacles and how to moving forward.