Outplacement Services

Workplace Restructuring is inevitable and it is not a pleasant experience for both organisations and employees concerned. However, we can help you to make a positive difference.

We provide customised and flexible services to organisations and their employees to achieve the best outcome.

Why Outplacement Service is Important to Organisation?

  • Reduce risk of litigations
  • Protect employer branding
  • Achieve workplace harmony
  • Elevated employee engagement
  • Support career transitions for employees

How It Works

Step 1  – What the organisation need to plan before any major workplace changes such as redundancy, restructuring or deployment?

Planning is important to mitigate any potential risks and damages that hurt your employer branding and employee relations at workplace.

Step 2 – How to handle the process to ease the transition for both employer and employees concerned?

The process of handling the outplacement is challenging and stressful. However, we can help to ease the transition with expert advice and practical guidance to both your management and the employees concerned. The approach is personalised and flexible to suit your needs.

Step 3 – Life after transitions, is that the end?

The journey can be unsettling even after the difficult news announcement. What your management needs to know and do to keep the positivity whilst being authentic and present to your remaining people.